Fly the Branded Skies

Delta rebrands five classes of service

Delta Air Lines has announced a revamp of the “Delta experience” today with five different classes of service and new names to match. See if you can follow along.

The long-haul international and transcontinental premium class, which has been known as BusinessElite since Delta eliminated First Class in 1998, will now be known, in disappointingly generic fashion, as Delta One. On domestic and short-haul international routes, the premium cabin will be called First Class (it was previously sometimes called Business Class, sometimes First Class, apparently depending on the airplane.) Economy Comfort is now Delta Comfort+. Economy is now Main Cabin, just like American. The new class is Basic Economy, in which you’ll sit in the Main Cabin but get a cheaper fares in exchange for giving up the ability to change your ticket, choose your seat, or upgrade.

So from front to back, that’s Delta One, First Class, Delta Comfort+, Main Cabin, and Basic Economy. That’s a confusing mishmash of names, none of which seems to be related to any of the others. Maybe this video will help sort it all out?