Fly the Branded Skies


It’s been about a month now since British Airways dropped this spot, but it has such an epic quality that I think I can still post it. The spot is actually running on broadcast television, at least in New York, leading to the strange experience of seeing two spots for two different major airlines (BA and Delta) in the same hour of television. It’s been many, many years since that was a common occurrence; is it possible airline ad spending is coming back? And speaking of old-school advertising, how about a campaign once again focusing on pilots?



  • witold riedel

    Well, it is wonderful to see that BA pilots have been and are doing a great job. 
    This is indeed a very beautiful piece of advertising. 

    One of my favorite airline spots of all times remains: The Singapore Girl spot.… I have yet to fly long distance on BA, but Singapore Airlines has indeed kept their promise as being very service focused, very attentive, just an amazing airline when experienced form the passenger cabin. (I have flown with them in excellent Business class and in excellent Economy class, over the years.)

    The stories of both spots feel very truthful, despite of obviously using a lot of computer graphics and effects.Looking forward to my first long distance flight on British Airways.Also very much looking forward to my next long distance flight with Singapore Airlines.(And I should disclose that I work for an agency that serves BA with a variety of their communication; I do not personally, but some good friends of mine do.)

  • Allplane

    It is shown on all UK cinemas too, great commercial, not sure will make me fly BA more though…