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These are posts from Fly the Branded Skies on the topic of Jingles from June 2013.

Jingle: “You’re A National Priority” (1979)

You're a National priority.

Listen: National Airlines: “You're a National Priority”

The two key pronouns in airline advertising — in all advertising, really — are “we” and “you.” Fundamentally, all advertising is a simple proposition: Here’s what we have to offer; here’s what’s in it for you. Some advertising emphasizes the “we,” some advertising emphasizes the “you,” but pretty much all of it falls somewhere on that continuum.
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Jingle: KLM “Come Fly On My Golden Wings” (1969)

KLM: Come Fly On My Golden Wings

Listen: KLM: “Come Fly On My Golden Wings”

KLM is old. Like, really old. Like this song, which is itself nearly 50 years old, was composed to celebrate the airline’s 50th anniversary. So when KLM calls themselves the oldest operating airline in the world, they’re not kidding. They’ve been around for a while.
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Jingle: “Say Hello to Pan Am” (1980)

Say Hello to Pan Am

Listen: Pan American World Airways: “Say Hello to Pan Am”

It’s big. It’s brassy. It’s got pizzaz coming out of its ears. It’s “Say Hello to Pan Am”: the theme song to the most disastrous merger in airline history.
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Jingle: “You’re Really Flying When You Fly BOAC” (1957)

Listen: BOAC: “You're Really Flying When You Fly BOAC”

It’s morning in 1957, at a travel agency on Main Street in some unknown town somewhere in America. The mailman has just stopped by with the day’s mail: the usual assortment of bills and brochures, plus one unusual package from BOAC. “Be sure to play this record soon,” reads the cover. “It contains a message of great importance to you!”

It’s a slow day at the office, so the travel agent sets the 12-inch record down on the turntable and drops the needle. The speakers play a jaunty tune: “You’re really flying when you fly B-O-A-C…”
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Jingle: Singapore: “Singapore Girl Theme” (1973)

Listen: Singapore Airlines: “Singapore Girl Theme”

This must be the longest-running campaign in the airline category. Indeed, it may be one of the longest-running campaigns in advertising, period. The Singapore Girl campaign is now more than 40 years old. Think of it this way: the first Singapore Girls are now in their 60s.
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