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Lufthansa Junior Kapitan Wings
Lufthansa Junior Wings
Lufthansa Junior Wings
Lufthansa Junior Wings
Lufthansa Junior Wings

Nonstop hoo

A Lufthansa owlThere’s a major shift going on at Germany’s largest airline, and it goes far beyond a new advertising agency.

This month, Lufthansa launched a new advertising campaign with the tagline “Nonstop you.” It’s the first new campaign from Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg, which won the business from McCann Berlin last year. And it seems to signal a very different Lufthansa.

The first television commercial, starring three adorable owls, is after the jump.

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Agency news that’s better late than never: Lufthansa announced in December that its new agency will be Kolle Rebbe, Hamburg. The German independent replaces McCann-Erickson Berlin. A new campaign is expected in March.


Lufthansa may soon have a new agency. The business is currently handled by McCann Berlin, which is defending. The other finalists are BBDO, Schulz & Friends, and Serviceplan Group. Final presentations apparently took place two weeks ago.

Remember when…

News leaked this week that United Airlines is polling its current and former employees on which classic livery to feature on a 757 next year. The livery will celebrate the airline’s 85th anniversary. Thanks to @GordonWerner, you can see the five options here. I don’t want to unduly influence the voting, but the Mainliner colours sure look sharp…

When United’s “retrojet” takes to the skies, it will join dozens of other airplanes painted in the bygone colours of dozens of different airlines. It seems almost every airline has a retrojet these days. The trend started ten years ago, and is only gaining momentum.   Read more

Save the Tulip

United Airlines 747

The battle lines have been drawn. On one side, United loyalists fighting to save the iconic “tulip” logo designed by Saul Bass in the 1970s. On the other, Continental loyalists fighting to save the airline’s name.

Right now, the “Save the Tulip” group on Facebook has 1,635 members. The “Save the Continental Name” group has just 109 members. They are both fighting to overturn a decision that airline executives insist is final.

Timothy Jasionowski is one of the founders of the United group. In this e-mail interview, he explains why United travelers are so attached to the airline’s brand. I hope to have an interview with one of the creators of the Continental group shortly.   Read more

If you had wings

When I was a kid, we’d always have to get to the airport early on family vacations so I could visit all the various airline check-in counters and get some loot. In those days, every counter at least offered timetables and luggage tags, and most offered much more. The best ones had junior wings.

There are apparently more than 900 different kinds of junior wings out there. As a kid, visiting the check-in counters, I managed to collect ten of them: Air Canada, America West, American, Continental, Delta, Lufthansa, Northwest, SAS, Time Air, and United. Not bad for a 10-year-old.

Years passed. I found a set of Pan Am wings at a gift shop once, but otherwise, that was the end of my collection of wings. Until I realized something that 10-year-old Cameron would never have imagined:

You can find wings on eBay.   Read more